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IGEL Weekly: How to Update IGEL OS via UMS (Basic)

October 24, 2022 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside Season 1 Episode 64
IGEL Weekly: How to Update IGEL OS via UMS (Basic)
XenTegra - IGEL Weekly
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XenTegra - IGEL Weekly
IGEL Weekly: How to Update IGEL OS via UMS (Basic)
Oct 24, 2022 Season 1 Episode 64
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside

In this video, Sebastian Perusat will walk you through the tasks needed to update the IGEL OS via the IGEL UMS, including how to check for and download updates, manually update, configurations required, and firmware update best practices. 

Presented by Sebastian Perusat, IGEL Community FELLOW.

In this video, Sebastien will teach you how to:

  • 01:50 Check the installed firmware version
  • 01:58 Check for newer / older Updates
  • 02:30 Downloading via UMS
  • 03:10 Checking connectivity
  • 03:47 Manual Download via WEB
  • 05:21 Uploading manually
  • 06:27 Corecting Hostname
  • 07:00 Assigning the update
  • 07:20 Update immediately
  • 08:00 Best practices light

Host: Patrick Toner
Co-Host: Sebastien Perusat
Co-Host: Chris Feeneey

Show Notes Transcript

In this video, Sebastian Perusat will walk you through the tasks needed to update the IGEL OS via the IGEL UMS, including how to check for and download updates, manually update, configurations required, and firmware update best practices. 

Presented by Sebastian Perusat, IGEL Community FELLOW.

In this video, Sebastien will teach you how to:

  • 01:50 Check the installed firmware version
  • 01:58 Check for newer / older Updates
  • 02:30 Downloading via UMS
  • 03:10 Checking connectivity
  • 03:47 Manual Download via WEB
  • 05:21 Uploading manually
  • 06:27 Corecting Hostname
  • 07:00 Assigning the update
  • 07:20 Update immediately
  • 08:00 Best practices light

Host: Patrick Toner
Co-Host: Sebastien Perusat
Co-Host: Chris Feeneey


00:00:02.820 --> 00:00:22.019
Patrick Toner: Hello, everybody, and welcome to Zen Tanker's idol, Weekly Podcast. I am your guest host today, Patrick Toner. I'll fill in for Andy Whiteside, who will not be joining us, and I'm joined by two good friends, two familiar voices. If you listen to podcast for my jail, Chris Feeney and Sebastian parasite, Chris, we'll start with you. How you doing, man.

00:00:22.580 --> 00:00:38.699
Chris Feeney: I am a meteorologist this week, or at least a hack at least one of them. We got A. It's hurricane season. We've talked about this before, and ah, so we've got one that's coming up the east coast since it's coming our way. So i'm kind of keep my eyes on that.

00:00:38.760 --> 00:00:50.800
Chris Feeney: Ah, but but yeah, I mean, this is this is a season. But here's the best part right? The reason why i'm even bringing this up. I've deliberately chosen to join this podcast from my Microsoft avd

00:00:50.870 --> 00:00:53.030
Chris Feeney: Thank you, bye bye for providing one

00:00:53.170 --> 00:00:55.260
Chris Feeney: it's coming out of the Netherlands,

00:00:55.340 --> 00:01:03.789
Chris Feeney: and I've got this podcast with a zoom call and teams optimization coming from my my big Lg: with my epo headset. Sorry I feel like that's a

00:01:03.800 --> 00:01:13.330
Chris Feeney: all the sponsors we work with. But the point being I could be sitting in Denver, Colorado, you know, and still be able to work,

00:01:13.500 --> 00:01:15.809
Chris Feeney: you know, disrupted by some

00:01:15.970 --> 00:01:29.759
Chris Feeney: event that happens, unfortunately for others, out in Florida, really bad. But but we we talk about on this podcast work from anywhere, and that type of thing. And this is truly a scenario where i'm living, trying to live

00:01:29.770 --> 00:01:37.409
Chris Feeney: that out. So. But yeah, a little little kind of keep my eyes on this thing. We don't know how bad it's gonna get. But

00:01:37.590 --> 00:01:40.790
Chris Feeney: uh, but yeah, thank you. Sorry for that little long entry.

00:01:40.800 --> 00:01:43.039
Chris Feeney: No, no, I mean it's got to be here.

00:01:43.050 --> 00:01:55.429
Patrick Toner: It's clearly we're all We're all watching the weather channel right now. We've been talking before we started the podcast year. It's just Ah, Yeah, hopefully, you guys are spared, and nothing too, too, Major, you know, Chris. So we'll ah

00:01:55.440 --> 00:02:11.419
Chris Feeney: definitely be thinking thinking about you guys, we actually completely missed us our area, which we're very fortunate. We're in the Jacksonville area. That just kind of went out to see, You know. Kind of went around us. We had strong winds last night, but no damage, thankfully.

00:02:11.430 --> 00:02:22.189
Chris Feeney: Um, you know I know a lot of people were not as fortunate, you know, not to make light of it we've we've. We've kind of realized that moving to Florida. It's where things are basically flipped

00:02:22.200 --> 00:02:25.690
Patrick Toner: uh the kids are sick in the summer because we're all inside instead of a winner.

00:02:25.700 --> 00:02:40.590
Chris Feeney: And ah! Instead of like watching snow forecast, we're all watching hurricane forecast like watching the weather channel. We'd be watching the weather channel in like December, January, February. Ah, you know. So it's It's really just everything. Just kind of flipped her out. Kind of weird thing.

00:02:40.600 --> 00:02:48.529
Chris Feeney: Yeah, when Jim Cantori shows up in your neighborhood. You know It's time to get out of Dod. Get out. That's it. One hundred percent,

00:02:48.540 --> 00:03:04.790
Sebastien Perusat: all right. Well, Seb, how you doing, man? No, no hurricanes out in Europe. So I think you should.

00:03:04.800 --> 00:03:05.589
Sebastien Perusat: Yeah it.

00:03:05.600 --> 00:03:29.269
Sebastien Perusat: But as well as discussed uh offline uh hurricanes and such kind of things are pretty rare in in Europe, especially where I'm leaving. But you should live near the coast. You have storms, but hurricanes are something which happens to be one time, a century or something like that, so obviously we are following the news we also use uh, on American channels. But we are not targeted as you are.

00:03:29.280 --> 00:03:42.899
Sebastien Perusat: And um just keep looking across all your friends and family that everyone is healthy and will survive as best as possible. But besides that. Yeah, I was in the at your headquarters at the beginning of the week. So I was in Draymond for the second time in

00:03:42.910 --> 00:03:59.009
Sebastien Perusat: three years due to Covid, but really good to see precess people people from from the support team and uh discuss some community processes. No, it's really good. So thanks for asking, i'm doing well. Um: and yeah kind of enjoying all good weather at the moment.

00:03:59.020 --> 00:04:10.469
Sebastien Perusat: Nice, nice, And and you said it was a community event out there in Birmingham. Ah, now, and it was just community discussions, together with priests and so on, so more internal processes.

00:04:10.480 --> 00:04:19.050
Sebastien Perusat: But so we had. In fact, yeah, we had a meet up yesterday evening together with the and the cobra stick. So if you didn't have the chance to watch that at all, because

00:04:19.060 --> 00:04:48.890
Sebastien Perusat: Chris already mentioned one of the whole I already partnership, but I have one more, which is called Co-host Stick, which is a secure usb. Stick, together with a in that, and a smart cut to factual medication, but the agile was installed on it. So you have a even. It's a new unit pocket, and it's it's already pretty secure. There you have on the hardware. That is the highest amount of encryption possible. So even if you did probably get stone loss or whatever. If someone would like to target your your environment, I would not say It's possible, but it's

00:05:01.020 --> 00:05:09.920
Sebastien Perusat: great cool. Maybe maybe some maybe a blog in the future in a Zintegr Podcast, you know That's it. Sounds like a whole technology. I've not seen that. Yeah,

00:05:09.930 --> 00:05:11.389
Patrick Toner: I'm: really really in process.

00:05:11.400 --> 00:05:12.689
Sebastien Perusat: But that's it. Yeah,

00:05:12.700 --> 00:05:14.079
Sebastien Perusat: doing. What is that?

00:05:14.090 --> 00:05:34.390
Patrick Toner: Very good. Very good. Well, you know, guys, we were gonna be kicking off our topic this week. Um, we've got uh something a little. It's It's a Good Friday topic, you know we're we're recording on a Friday today. We usually record on Tuesdays. Um. So we're in Friday. Mode. So just a full disclaimer to anybody listening. Um, you know we're in Friday mode, so we might be a little more laid back than usual.

00:05:34.400 --> 00:05:38.200
Patrick Toner: I think this is a good topic. I think this is a good one, that

00:05:38.210 --> 00:05:57.919
Patrick Toner: it's inevitable. You're going to deal with this topic, and that is, you know, updating the os via the ums. We've talked about that kind of, you know, a couple of different ways. You can do it. Um, but I like about this blog that you've done said it goes through multiple methods. Um on how you would do this? I'm gonna go ahead and share that out. But i'll let you kind of introduce.

00:05:57.930 --> 00:06:17.290
Sebastien Perusat: Yeah, sure. So we have in that case started already a couple of weeks ago with the body of that process which is, let's say, the advanced mode of delivering updates to the endpoint. But i'm still, even if it's sometimes hard to believe, not saying that the people are not reading the documentation. I wouldn't do that either, but

00:06:17.300 --> 00:06:37.240
Sebastien Perusat: deploying an update we are, I will stand that way. So we are our management tool, which is called un as a management suite sounds pretty basic, but I still get questions regard that the first one is I mean the community. It's not happening every day, but once times one times a week sometimes is,

00:06:37.250 --> 00:06:40.169
Sebastien Perusat: why should I update the the operating system

00:06:40.180 --> 00:06:44.739
Sebastien Perusat: Just because it's working So we never covered that one. The extremely deeply

00:06:44.970 --> 00:07:00.040
Sebastien Perusat: the video is covering a few of that of the topics. But I just want to point out that even if something is working on your endpoint, and we all know that our choice is already pretty secure. Never forget that the azure rise operating system is just one part of

00:07:00.050 --> 00:07:13.079
Sebastien Perusat: the chain you have your Uefi. You have your social bias, you have your good process, you have the operating system, you have your clients, and you have your network and your back end. And if you think of

00:07:13.390 --> 00:07:15.090
Sebastien Perusat: your endpoint

00:07:19.680 --> 00:07:34.140
Sebastien Perusat: a connection to something like the Citrix to a Vt. To Microsoft, everything to be on very horizon, and so on. So you have clients in some specific parts of the company. You might use a web browser to access your citric, start front or at scale.

00:07:34.150 --> 00:07:56.000
Sebastien Perusat: So even if it works. Never forget that a wet roller can be unsecure if you forget to update it, there's a security. Update also on the agile Os operating side, not only coming from it, but coming from the market like new drivers like fixes. Fos and Ssh. Demon! Ah leaks that went over So there's a lot of reason. But the main

00:07:56.220 --> 00:08:00.279
Sebastien Perusat: point for me as security, and in the second step

00:08:00.290 --> 00:08:19.050
Sebastien Perusat: you might not want to miss new feature that in your clients are delivering like. If you think of the team's optimization, if you would stay on the State from last year, you would not have proper and fluent experience with your team's optimization. So your audio and video redirection would not back as fruit as it is at the moment.

00:08:19.060 --> 00:08:35.180
Sebastien Perusat: Sometimes you also have a new citrix environment on the back end. But you need also on your plan on the end. But to get a connection working, and that's all the stuff where i'm saying, Never forget to update your your endpoint, and not say updated on day one. So if we push an eleven or nine, one hundred, we are now

00:08:35.240 --> 00:08:36.619
Sebastien Perusat: test it,

00:08:36.630 --> 00:08:51.139
Sebastien Perusat: because every update has also sometimes a bit force, but saying, give it a few days test in your lab, but usually I would recommend to stay as much as possible to the latest version that we released, especially for things about the world in the

00:08:51.320 --> 00:09:03.739
Patrick Toner: you know. There's some great point seven, and there's probably not too many technologies out there. I mean, It's similar to Igel in the sense that you have so many customers, you know. We start to engage with customers in the field

00:09:03.750 --> 00:09:22.049
Patrick Toner: they bring into their environment. Hey, here's what we're doing. They're like, Yeah, your firmware is like a year old. Oh, yeah, but it just works. It just works. We don't want to. We don't want to touch it. We don't want to mess with it. I get that. I get. You know, the stability of it. But to your point there's a lot of other things to consider It's not just. It's not just about how solid. Does it work?

00:09:22.060 --> 00:09:36.920
Patrick Toner: There's a good chance it It'll just work in the newer firmware that you have to test it, but it's all those other things you were talking about security, you know. I can't think of how many times you've had the opposite where somebody's saying, Hey, this isn't working? They have a bug.

00:09:36.930 --> 00:09:47.389
Patrick Toner: Well, the first thing you want to try is okay. Let's look at release notes. What's in the new version of the firmware. What's in the new version of the workspace app or the horizon client, and you update It's like, Oh, yeah, okay, it works now.

00:09:47.400 --> 00:10:01.030
Patrick Toner: It's fixed. Yeah. So you know, I mean, there. There are a lot of you know. These bug fixes. There's feature updates there's you know, in in I, Joe World. You have new kernels and new driver support. So I mean,

00:10:01.070 --> 00:10:17.790
Patrick Toner: and there's all different reasons that you want to stay stay local. So it's really really great great topic here, you know I showed up on the screen here. Anyone who's watching, you know it's kind of broken down here into different different sections. But zebra, you ready to just kick the video off. And

00:10:17.800 --> 00:10:19.029
Sebastien Perusat: yeah, I think it

00:10:19.040 --> 00:10:20.760
Sebastien Perusat: alright, So go ahead and do that

00:10:21.030 --> 00:10:22.389
Sebastien Perusat: lovely. So

00:10:22.400 --> 00:10:39.960
Sebastien Perusat: we will just make the introduction that we are doing. Usually. So speaking about the reasons why I met the video why I would recommend to update the firmware. So that's what we already discussed. So if you go to that to um the original part of the video, You will see that

00:10:39.970 --> 00:11:00.939
Sebastien Perusat: i'm you being in that specific tutorial, the azure. Um, Why? That? Because that's It is a typical way, like like our customers are deploying. It's not saying that the only one not saying it's the most performed one I would recommend, but for the stand that you that you are following, I will definitely box this. So first of all,

00:11:00.950 --> 00:11:25.130
Sebastien Perusat: you have to know that we are recurrent. Linux you don't have to take care of a similar packages to keep updated address delivering to you on a regular base when you're from the new framework, can be checked from our web page if you want to do that by your hand. But you can also right Click the unions of from the update feature, and your Us. Console. Speaking about the Java. Console, then check for your firmware, and if

00:11:25.240 --> 00:11:33.230
Sebastien Perusat: your network connectivity is working expected, the Ums Council will ask or repository either. Something on

00:11:33.240 --> 00:11:55.299
Sebastien Perusat: our side that you could update. Important thing on the video is, you see that i'm taking a put down when you are checking. Also all the firmware. Obviously you can also Don't order, but at the same time never forget that this feature would only look for updates available for you devices that mean that if you have a device that you reduce it to the ums one

00:11:55.310 --> 00:12:09.520
Sebastien Perusat: ten years ago, which is having a windows um a snapshot state if you also look for that kind of devices, not only for the Linux, one just a small but extremely important. I just wanted to say that it can be misleading sometimes.

00:12:09.740 --> 00:12:26.989
Sebastien Perusat: So then you can click on the check box and saying, Download and the um will do the job for you to download the file, it will deploy it inside of our web service, which is the tomcat ums webdef. So Tom Kit Webdef, or web territory and make it our way. But there for your

00:12:27.720 --> 00:12:38.390
Sebastien Perusat: I mentioned. If the check is not successful, it's usually related to the network. So you go to your Ms. Administration. You need a firmware update, and there is a test server connection.

00:12:38.400 --> 00:12:50.469
Sebastien Perusat: Forget the second red ribbon. If it's something red over there, just concentrate on connection test on the first one, and you should see a green connection successfully tested. If not,

00:12:50.480 --> 00:13:00.170
Sebastien Perusat: please check. If you need a proxy, please check. If your mess servers are available to talk to the whole Internet about the whole Internet, but specific service for manager.

00:13:00.180 --> 00:13:18.809
Sebastien Perusat: And if that one is a case, you should you usually be able to download Ah! To download the file into the Us. But sometimes the customer is saying, Hey, I don't want to give Internet, access to my your Ms. Or or to the Us. Application, which is fine. Then you can just go to edit dot com software downloads and you can download

00:13:18.950 --> 00:13:24.520
Sebastien Perusat: It's a corresponding firmware which is a zip file to your device.

00:13:24.540 --> 00:13:28.320
Sebastien Perusat: One extremely important thing, even if it's

00:13:28.550 --> 00:13:32.390
Sebastien Perusat: please, are pretty clear. If you are a long time, as your customer,

00:13:36.450 --> 00:13:51.899
Sebastien Perusat: Osc. Versions are only meant to be deployed directly to the device by using a Usb. Stick, pxc appliance, and so on. If you want to update a deep and existing device. Please use a firmware. This, and not the Os, which is meant by Os Creator.

00:13:52.240 --> 00:14:07.660
Sebastien Perusat: So as soon as you download that Ah! That you have, Donald. That's a zip file like I said. It's not mandatory. If you already have a connection. But if you want to do that by hand, you can just right-click the user from the update element in your ums concern, and saying,

00:14:07.670 --> 00:14:16.910
Sebastien Perusat: Hey, upload the actual film by file to the ums and make it available there without the need to have an Internet access.

00:14:17.250 --> 00:14:22.970
Sebastien Perusat: What is happening behind the scenes is basically that we are downloading the file like you did.

00:14:23.020 --> 00:14:27.490
Sebastien Perusat: We are uploading the zip file into the ums server in a cache.

00:14:27.500 --> 00:14:38.679
Sebastien Perusat: Then the zip phone is getting extracted to your ums underscore file transfer folder which is available in yourms server file system

00:14:39.160 --> 00:14:47.249
Sebastien Perusat: and create more as a profile out of it. I know it sounds a little bit complicated, but it doesn't.

00:14:47.440 --> 00:14:57.489
Sebastien Perusat: In former times you created a profile for more or less everything. But we have some automatism in our your method. If you want to fulfill the we use, Kit. The Us. Is doing the job for you.

00:14:57.500 --> 00:15:06.999
Sebastien Perusat: In that case it will create the profile. It will also detect the um. Ip address and part, and so on, and

00:15:07.010 --> 00:15:22.720
Sebastien Perusat: that's where the update process is taking over the the import process taken over the tiles automatically for you. So, as soon as the file is applauded. I will just give it a couple of seconds that the video is joining my my explanation.

00:15:24.120 --> 00:15:29.329
Sebastien Perusat: There's something. In the meantime, Patrick, we would like to to discuss, or is it?

00:15:29.370 --> 00:15:30.930
But he set forward.

00:15:30.940 --> 00:15:50.820
Patrick Toner: This is great, I mean, you know it's probably probably worth noting. I mean, most customers are probably not going to download the firmware. Um, you know, externally. But you know there there are those times I've I've worked with customers in the past, um, you know. Maybe they don't allow any Internet connections from the Us. Server. Chris, you weren't fed, I mean, obviously, that was probably pretty popular

00:15:50.830 --> 00:16:02.140
Patrick Toner: and the Fed space. Um. So if you have a highly secure network, you're probably going to need to do it. You know this way where you're downloading it from the website, importing it into the server uploading it.

00:16:02.220 --> 00:16:04.819
Chris Feeney: Yeah, the the the biggest challenge

00:16:05.120 --> 00:16:09.480
Chris Feeney: there is, the way we license devices

00:16:09.630 --> 00:16:12.469
Chris Feeney: um downloading firmware. Certainly,

00:16:12.560 --> 00:16:15.140
Chris Feeney: if you're if you're you

00:16:15.470 --> 00:16:35.169
Chris Feeney: going to use ums to try to do it, but it's more the licensing piece the ums in order to properly license devices. Um has to talk to the license portal in the sky, and you know you can set up routing rules or whatever to make sure that you know you can properly do that. But that's really key

00:16:35.180 --> 00:16:42.840
Chris Feeney: on the fed side. That was not an issue, or there that was an issue in the sense of. Obviously this is a

00:16:43.500 --> 00:16:49.169
Chris Feeney: air gapped network, meaning it doesn't talk to the Internet. So we had to. You

00:16:49.230 --> 00:17:02.879
Chris Feeney: work through a ways to license devices there, as well as obviously downloaded, firmware, and and, generally speaking, download, burn at the Cd. Bring it over, scan it, bring it back into the network. You know that type of thing multiple steps involved.

00:17:03.010 --> 00:17:05.400
Chris Feeney: So um!

00:17:05.540 --> 00:17:10.990
Chris Feeney: It was always a separate download and then imported in the Us. For example. So

00:17:11.000 --> 00:17:22.659
Patrick Toner: it's it's kind of goes back to that whole. I mean, it's definitely the secure way to do it. You know, I've had customers there, too. They're just super secure. They will not allow um to speak out to the Internet,

00:17:22.849 --> 00:17:39.070
Patrick Toner: and you know, So it's one of those things that just It's It's just so. It as the Admin. It's going to be a little bit more of an inconvenience. You're just going to have to, you know. Go through a few more steps, but you know it definitely. It'll work. It'll work. It'll work well, you know. Just not as fast.

00:17:39.630 --> 00:18:08.789
Sebastien Perusat: Is that what I wanted to mention to you? Um, especially if you look at what you're, miss, or or maybe at your own. Sometimes they don't appro to that we are using is a little bit slower than what you are using, maybe on you, on your laptop or on your Internet breakout. That's where also some customers who are working um from. I don't know from somewhere. But then for the main data center are downloading the file and uploading them internally to the Us. Because of quality of service or whatever reason.

00:18:09.020 --> 00:18:22.940
Sebastien Perusat: And I just remember that wait a couple of times on customer sites where I don't know the five year Fourg. Lt. And because my started to download on their side, and I was faster and just I was. Yeah, it's okay for you. And from your security policies

00:18:22.950 --> 00:18:38.639
Sebastien Perusat: I don't want to from my Usb: stick and over to you and can just pop your it down in the local uh the locate console. So sometimes also definitely a a performance uh topic, because the Ms. Are isn't needing out of bandwidth to the Internet, usually. So that can also be a reason.

00:18:40.930 --> 00:18:48.280
Patrick Toner: Got it. So now it looks like in the video you've uploaded the the firmware. You've you know you imported it as a zip. File

00:18:48.900 --> 00:19:08.480
Sebastien Perusat: back up a little bit here, so it looks like Then you can drag it on to the device. Yeah, but to the last section, if you can maybe just go ten seconds back. Yeah. Perfect, perfect. So just wanted to mention here, if you can close. Maybe that that window. For a second we have the

00:19:08.520 --> 00:19:20.539
Sebastien Perusat: a view of the what I call the um universal update profile which you work at work and job assigned to an endpoint to a folder to a view. Or what error?

00:19:20.580 --> 00:19:36.620
Sebastien Perusat: This is really important to double-check, because sometimes your your mess of it can also have multiple Ip addresses can also have issues with Dns that you just want to be sure that they don't really download. So, even for deeper you propose speakers.

00:19:36.630 --> 00:19:48.549
Sebastien Perusat: I'm not covering that in the video, but I can tell you a few things about that. You are assigning that to the endpoint You're saying, update, and the endpoint is saying, Hey, I cannot reach the Ftp.

00:19:48.800 --> 00:20:02.740
Sebastien Perusat: It's not your fault. It's just saying that it cannot without the Umsr way. It wants to download from, and it will try to get it from a generic address which is not existing by the way. So you are not having to build up some fireworks or whatever.

00:20:02.750 --> 00:20:29.080
Sebastien Perusat: Please just check. If you go to your firmware file, i'm checking the holes, the protocol, the port, and the target you have. There's a simple way to check that. Go to your endpoint with the actual Os. Open the vocal firefox or chrom wherever you prefer, and then you enter it back here. What you're seeing on the screen. So Https double dot slash via key address that they shown there the part. So double dot eight, four, four, three, and then they come the target you are that you're seeing at the end.

00:20:29.220 --> 00:20:58.439
Sebastien Perusat: After entering the uh locking information that you are using for your yourms console, you should be able to see files, and if you see that, then it's a if not if you're getting some, I cannot read that page, or uh missing right, or whatever missing where it could be something else. But let's stay on not reachable. Then please do the typical debugging stuff like, can I ping the server kind of on the part, and so on. But that's basically what you're seeing it's creating a download path of,

00:20:58.670 --> 00:21:11.889
Sebastien Perusat: And if you have the feeling that something is wrong, or you want to adapt it. You can change the protocol to Http, which is not recommended, but it would work to one thousand nine hundred and eighty, or maybe changing to something absolutely different. That's the way to go.

00:21:11.900 --> 00:21:15.480
Sebastien Perusat: But yeah, that's just what I wanted to mention, so you can

00:21:15.620 --> 00:21:17.820
Sebastien Perusat: continue the video if you like.

00:21:18.270 --> 00:21:20.040
Sebastien Perusat: So in the next section

00:21:20.100 --> 00:21:39.160
Sebastien Perusat: I'm: just assigning that to an endpoint. Obviously, that's not what you want to do on a on a bigger deployment. But in my case I wanted to take that on that one device, because my test youris, where I want to tell the update assign in it, confirming the configuration change. And then just right, click, update an update that's it. Basically,

00:21:39.560 --> 00:21:59.739
Sebastien Perusat: We have another video which is in the in the making, which is the advanced mode where we'll use um specific jobs combined with views, and so on and so on. But for that case we're just pushing the update right now to the endpoint. You could also pick up the when shutting down if you refer. But in my case i'm keeping it on update just because I want to do it right now.

00:22:01.580 --> 00:22:13.839
Patrick Toner: Yeah. Good stuff. And I, you know, I think one one just commentary here. The two options even in a profile you have update when starting up and update what shutting down.

00:22:13.850 --> 00:22:28.010
Patrick Toner: Um. So I think I believe the starting up will work on a reboot shut down. Will not that that accurate? I think that just just for anybody who want to save them the headache? So if you say shut down. It actually has to shut down, and that can't do a reboot.

00:22:28.470 --> 00:22:58.260
Sebastien Perusat: Exactly. And what I would add is, it would not be covered by a stand by. So if you go to send by, it will not be for West and back so, but also something which is misleading. Um, But if you want to test it. Um, that's fine. If you want to do that on a wider uh installation, I would definitely that's what i'm covering spoken from at the end of the videos to using jobs. There's a teaser for the next time, or we'll meet hopefully. When I will have the uh the session done, I will upload the video to the website as soon as they move this on,

00:22:58.270 --> 00:23:14.679
Sebastien Perusat: and you will be able to see um how the update is working in advance mode. We're already at the advanced advancement of body updates. But we have a lot of let's say, cool tools that make new life from from an administrative perspective easier.

00:23:14.690 --> 00:23:24.739
Sebastien Perusat: But I know that even on that level there are already questions. So just saying, that's a way I would recommend to test. And if you want to deploy it in a wider audience,

00:23:24.820 --> 00:23:27.490
Sebastien Perusat: Please stay tuned for this new video. So

00:23:27.500 --> 00:23:30.820
Patrick Toner: very good. Well, hopefully, you have a time for him on that one set.

00:23:30.900 --> 00:23:32.070
Sebastien Perusat: Yes, sir.

00:23:32.790 --> 00:23:52.010
Patrick Toner: So hopefully, by the time we get to, maybe in a couple of weeks we can cover it if it's out by then, you know. Because, yeah, that's a great topic. I mean, everybody's doing firmware updates if you're in the even if whether from an Igl Poc or you've been a customer for ten years. It's obviously a critical component.

00:23:52.020 --> 00:24:01.789
Patrick Toner: And I think when you get into those advanced ways to do it, that's as the admin just so useful just to be able to kind of automate some of that stuff away.

00:24:01.920 --> 00:24:21.479
Patrick Toner: Here's some really cool tools. There's there's even out on the community. Um! And this is what I've been doing internally here. There's even There's even a way to just publish a little custom application that users can click on and initiate their own firmware update, and I just as yeah, and I can just pick hey, what firmware they would update to um. So there's just so many ways you can do it.

00:24:21.490 --> 00:24:22.570
Patrick Toner: Um:

00:24:22.860 --> 00:24:32.079
Patrick Toner: yeah. So it's just a great topic, Chris. Any thoughts, any you know, any any field experience you you know you've seen.

00:24:32.150 --> 00:24:35.010
Patrick Toner: I guess kind of anything in on this topic.

00:24:35.020 --> 00:24:36.680
Chris Feeney: Yeah. I mean,

00:24:37.060 --> 00:24:50.870
Chris Feeney: apart from how to get the firm or the one thing that I often learned is uh looking at the if if you know you made a point earlier, and we've been using this firmware for a year, it seems to be fine doing the way, job and list

00:24:51.250 --> 00:24:57.179
Chris Feeney: open a case to deal with some issue, and the result is, Hey, go to here, you know.

00:24:57.210 --> 00:25:10.420
Chris Feeney: Ah, that's one scenario, another one is, you know. I'm: okay. But I realize I'm getting a little behind. Ah, what do I pick? You know That's where looking at the release notes,

00:25:10.490 --> 00:25:24.889
Chris Feeney: you know, if you go to our website you can take a look and you can see, and it generally includes, you know. Ah stuff that's, you know. If it's an eleven, seven brand or aid, or whatever you know, you can see what's what's all there um,

00:25:24.900 --> 00:25:36.600
Chris Feeney: and if you're directed to, we call a private build, for example, that's not listed on our public site. But you'll You'll see It's based on, and you'll see a list of things and all that ultimately leads up into

00:25:36.610 --> 00:25:50.079
Chris Feeney: ah a ga public release. Ah, but going through that you'll see like, hey? You know, there's an there you'll see, like hey? We got a new version of Firefox, or chromium, or or whatever. But then there's new features that you know

00:25:50.090 --> 00:26:08.040
Chris Feeney: um are added in there, or like one of the ones, I I remember I just recently added, was the ah wireless to Wi-fi. Ah wi-fi to to land automatic switch. I've got a multi-home device my lg all in one. I've got a ud seven over here

00:26:08.050 --> 00:26:19.249
Chris Feeney: which as a wi-fi, and so um I have that enabled, and it's actually pretty cool. You know I could unplug my network cable, and it just switches over to Wi-fi pretty seamlessly. And then I

00:26:19.260 --> 00:26:29.230
Chris Feeney: Ah plug it back in. But that that's in a specific firm. Where, if that's a feature that you're like, hey? That's actually pretty cool. It actually came up on a call yesterday where somebody needed needed that just in case

00:26:29.290 --> 00:26:31.290
Chris Feeney: uh sort of as a backup option.

00:26:31.300 --> 00:26:49.810
Chris Feeney: Or if it's a laptop, you're in a backing station, you on, Doc, and you want to switch seamlessly over. So if you weren't aware of some of something like that, it's actually a very handy little feature, the release notes would be a way to kind of learn about that. It might also be on a community site. But I would just say, build up a regular practice if you're not.

00:26:49.910 --> 00:27:04.030
Chris Feeney: Ah in a support scenario where you're trying to get to a resolution. And here's the fix. Just regularly check in. See what the latest is. Release. Notes are a good way to kind of read through that um, and figure out what Ij's been up to,

00:27:04.520 --> 00:27:14.090
Chris Feeney: and it's probably worth worth noting like where people can find that. So the way I always get to it. And it's probably a quicker way. I always go to the support page up here and the software downloads.

00:27:14.100 --> 00:27:16.200
Chris Feeney: Yep, and um,

00:27:16.220 --> 00:27:23.990
Chris Feeney: you can kind of go through the workspace edition. The cool thing is, every one of these has a link to the release note. So

00:27:24.000 --> 00:27:30.840
Chris Feeney: Yeah. So there's this version: If you go to the Kb: And this is another way. I actually like this because it's go to Kb: Igl

00:27:31.040 --> 00:27:46.720
Chris Feeney: dot com um go to igl os Os Creator, that third option there on the right, and then um release those, and then you'll see. Yeah, you'll see a list here, and if you click on the the top one,

00:27:46.870 --> 00:27:56.980
Chris Feeney: then it kind of breaks it down in a html-based format or or takes you right to the notepad version, I guess.

00:27:56.990 --> 00:28:05.290
Chris Feeney: Yeah, it's a text. Text. It's fine, and you have to save on the ums side and Sg: side, too. So it's not

00:28:05.300 --> 00:28:23.740
Chris Feeney: Um! There are no known issues as a good like. It's like all right. If I know this is still an outstanding issue, or you know, new features is, is a breaks it down, and this is a a nice way to look at it. Um! And this is kind of how I figure out like, all right which version includes that new

00:28:23.750 --> 00:28:32.750
Chris Feeney: Wi-fi thing that i'm looking for. You know you'd find it here, and and then usually some instructions on whether it's on by default or whatever. So

00:28:32.760 --> 00:28:49.479
Chris Feeney: um! If this is much cleaner than what I've been doing, I I didn't know that this the html version existed, that I've been in this this notepad. Just control F as my best friend, you know. Hey, what's what's going on with, You know Citrix, or whatever you type in, you know,

00:28:49.490 --> 00:28:57.470
Patrick Toner: workspace. You know it'll pull up all I mean. That's basically how I've been doing it for years. So i'm gonna i'm gonna try to start using this Html version is pretty cool.

00:28:57.790 --> 00:29:01.059
Chris Feeney: Yeah, I think that's a cleaner somewhere in eleven,

00:29:01.130 --> 00:29:06.530
Chris Feeney: five or something somewhere. They included the Html version of this. Now

00:29:06.610 --> 00:29:13.659
Chris Feeney: it is, you know, thanks to the support team and the Kb. Team, they've been on a really nice job here in product management,

00:29:14.090 --> 00:29:16.200
Chris Feeney: so you'd make it visually appealing.

00:29:16.210 --> 00:29:18.080
Patrick Toner: Oh, very cool. Yeah. Well,

00:29:18.740 --> 00:29:35.020
Patrick Toner: well, guys, you know um, you know. I think it's It's something that it's It's such a basic. It's a Nigel, i'd say one hundred and one, you know these are the things you need to be able to to be an Nigel Admin. One of them is going to be a obviously simple firm. We're updating, but also

00:29:35.030 --> 00:29:51.640
Patrick Toner: the release notes. I mean, knowing what versions and just keeping up on that, you know, because it kind of ties into what your intro said, knowing what features, what security fixes are coming out. That's that's critical, and that's that's really going to inform your decision to update or not to update.

00:29:51.960 --> 00:29:53.490
Chris Feeney: Yeah, I agree.

00:29:53.500 --> 00:29:59.449
Chris Feeney: I think probably the the theme that sort of maybe drives a lot of this is the

00:29:59.540 --> 00:30:16.679
Chris Feeney: you know we're all probably using ijo and and and and unified comms in some form or fashion so. Ah, the Ucc Guide, dot com is another great one where you can say, Hey, if I if i'm using that, and then very often you are in any customer environments. But

00:30:16.690 --> 00:30:31.719
Chris Feeney: they that's about a monthly update, generally speaking, and it just got updated yesterday. So Ah, Lars, who writes that guy does a good job of kind of saying, Hey, here's something new that was added or updated for

00:30:31.820 --> 00:30:35.080
Chris Feeney: teams or zoom, or whatever it is. So

00:30:35.510 --> 00:30:36.660
Chris Feeney: um

00:30:37.920 --> 00:30:47.649
Patrick Toner: very cool. So guys any any updates, any events coming up that the listeners would be interested in. You guys have anything to report there.

00:30:47.810 --> 00:31:04.970
Sebastien Perusat: Oh, we have definitely something which is, I would say, No, it's not private, but there is something coming up for the next week, approximately. I know that a lot of listeners are really seeking for a citrix to expert integration with twenty-two or seven,

00:31:04.980 --> 00:31:18.399
Sebastien Perusat: and we just get it fresh up. The press at least, that there was something planned, so it cannot be one hundred percent reliable. But something is planned for next week to be, let's say, less precise, but promising something without promising it.

00:31:18.410 --> 00:31:26.150
Sebastien Perusat: So if someone is asked me that the private bill is planned for next week, and I know that a couple a lot of listeners are looking for that. I already

00:31:26.340 --> 00:31:32.949
Sebastien Perusat: thinking about making an announcement next week in the community. But just saying, Hey, thanks for your patience. Next week something or something will be shown on

00:31:34.470 --> 00:31:38.760
Chris Feeney: pretty cool, Chris. Any any any updates, anything like that.

00:31:38.770 --> 00:31:57.749
Chris Feeney: Well, we've got um two igl disrupt events coming up here in the in October. Um in the Us. Ah! The next one is next week in the Houston. Ah, if you are in the Texas or general region, or if you can make it out, that's going to be next. Ah, let's see here

00:31:58.140 --> 00:32:00.529
Chris Feeney: it's next Thursday. So

00:32:00.710 --> 00:32:01.960
Chris Feeney: um

00:32:02.560 --> 00:32:04.660
Chris Feeney: and I now.

00:32:05.420 --> 00:32:15.269
Chris Feeney: Yeah. So next Thursday, October the sixth in Houston, and then two weeks after that on October the twentieth we're going to be in Nashville.

00:32:15.370 --> 00:32:30.009
Chris Feeney: Um, and that's going to be it. There's a semester hotel near the airport, so that's going to be where that's located. So those are the last two in North America. So certainly, if one of those is an option for you.

00:32:30.020 --> 00:32:38.810
Chris Feeney: Um. But yeah, some exciting things are are on tap, but certainly in the month of October those will be the two big ones that will be,

00:32:38.820 --> 00:32:44.280
Chris Feeney: you know, bringing people up to speed on the latest with I jail and our partners. For that matter,

00:32:44.400 --> 00:32:54.129
Patrick Toner: it's been kind of cool, I mean, obviously coming out of Covid to see this approach. The disrupt on tour. Is that the plan for two thousand and twenty three? Are you guys You guys have any inside there?

00:32:54.160 --> 00:32:56.400
Chris Feeney: I don't know yet, so I

00:32:56.430 --> 00:32:57.890
Chris Feeney: um,

00:32:58.130 --> 00:32:59.519
Chris Feeney: I think

00:33:00.820 --> 00:33:12.159
Chris Feeney: don't quote me on this, or hold it to me. But I think in in North America we'll We'll generally have our kickoff at the beginning of the year, probably January early February,

00:33:12.180 --> 00:33:17.630
Chris Feeney: and I believe we're planning on, maybe having a disrupt event,

00:33:18.030 --> 00:33:36.470
Chris Feeney: you know, as part of that in that particular location versus the tour thing. We may still do the tour, but I I think Ah, we'll probably do a large gathering like we did a couple of years ago in Nashville. So ah more to come on that. But that'll that'll be announced at some point, probably in in this, in the fourth quarter of the year. Here

00:33:36.590 --> 00:33:47.190
Sebastien Perusat: there are obviously already some internal information, so regarding that, so we cannot share too much. But we seems to have two different locations, one in the Us. And one in Europe.

00:33:47.200 --> 00:34:11.709
Chris Feeney: Yeah, I mean, there was no big surprise for the listeners. Why in Europe will that proximity? We stay in the same hotel last time. So in Munich. Um, that will be the town where the district will take place together with our Internet kickoff. So I think, which is very interesting to our listeners, but just saying it. There is also not actually even just in front of that. So I guess with the same approach for the Us. Colleagues. Um. I wrote something

00:34:11.800 --> 00:34:22.690
Sebastien Perusat: about something mid beginning of February to be a little bit more precise. But stay tuned. We definitely share something from my information on the community or in our podcast. Definitely.

00:34:22.699 --> 00:34:28.669
Patrick Toner: Yeah, it'd be great. It'd be great to have the the big event again, you know. So it's kind of nice, and everything kind of moved back to that.

00:34:28.690 --> 00:34:44.380
Patrick Toner: Um. Well, as far as the the local events, you know, it's a me that somewhere as integrity can fill in the gaps where we have a couple of things coming up. But you know it's all as always, I tell people. Hey, go to Zeteger, dot com click on events. You can look at the different Webinars workshops, a couple of things we have coming up.

00:34:44.580 --> 00:35:04.280
Patrick Toner: Um, Obviously a lot of other technology type. Ah, events here, but a couple particularly. I want to call out we're doing a Nigel roadshow. Um on October twenty, seventh, up in Canada. So I believe it's in Montreal. Yeah. And in Montreal. So we're kind of, you know, getting some momentum there with the the road shows, maybe maybe

00:35:04.290 --> 00:35:11.149
Sebastien Perusat: maybe more to come. We'll update, as that happens when you have to stop learning to speak French, then or

00:35:11.160 --> 00:35:28.669
Sebastien Perusat: yeah, we went to fly. You outset. I think you know you're You're fluent in French, correct we got. We got a there you go, native. I gel expert who you speak French, so that's definitely not me. I've I've watched enough hockey growing up to to know maybe a couple of words, but definitely not fluid.

00:35:28.680 --> 00:35:38.869
Sebastien Perusat: Um. So So the the other thing we have coming up uh actually down in my neck of the woods here in Florida. We're having our. We've been kicking off our Z integra Florida User group.

00:35:38.880 --> 00:36:04.609
Sebastien Perusat: Um, I we get a lot of traction. You know people are. People are really um. They want to get back to user groups. They want to get back to meeting um. And so we begin a lot of momentum here in Florida. We're going to be doing. Ah! Down in Fort Lauderdale, a really cool venue. It's called extreme action. Park. They've got all kinds of like, you know. Go card racing all kinds of, you know. Just just crazy things like that, you know, just like an indoor uh almost like a theme park for adults. So all stuff that we would have fun with,

00:36:04.620 --> 00:36:07.559
Patrick Toner: and we're going to have that with mechanics, and I gel

00:36:07.580 --> 00:36:25.989
Patrick Toner: a couple of other sponsors, but it's going to be a newutanic's workshop, and then in the middle of it we're going to do kind of like an igl demo, and, you know, go go through some of the agile stuff. So it'd be really cool. It's good to just kind of get back to that and just geek out and enjoy that stuff, but ultimately get together a network. So

00:36:26.000 --> 00:36:34.420
Patrick Toner: you know we'll we'll definitely update more, but always always check, check out our websites in tiger com click on events. All kinds of stuff going on

00:36:34.780 --> 00:36:35.990
Sebastien Perusat: Lovely arm

00:36:36.000 --> 00:36:37.180
Sebastien Perusat: looking for All right.

00:36:37.470 --> 00:36:51.649
Sebastien Perusat: Well, great guys, you know I appreciate you jumping on, you know, a great topic. Ah sav enjoy that nice European weather, Chris hopefully. The storm will kind of evade your area. It won't hit you in any significant way. And

00:36:51.680 --> 00:37:07.729
Chris Feeney: yeah, yeah, we we needed the rain, I guess. But uh, I think we're we're ready for it. I mean, It's certainly a believe me, looking at the stuff from Florida. It's not as bad, but I've been in North Carolina when it's been very bad, so it's

00:37:07.740 --> 00:37:19.350
Chris Feeney: you know, community, We talk about that since we were talking about community, that's really where the power of the community does come in. And people, you know, just stepping up to help each other out. And so

00:37:19.500 --> 00:37:33.040
Chris Feeney: ah, you know, just don't, you know, and that and the user goes right. I mean, that's key where everybody's kind of hey? Ah! Wanting to learn. Want to to grow and help each other out, and so maintain that spirit. I think we'll. We'll get through these things.

00:37:34.100 --> 00:37:49.970
Patrick Toner: Hey, man? Well, that's that's a great word to end on. Ah, good, you know. Good message. And ah yeah. Anybody out there who's been affected. You know, we're definitely we're thinking about you guys pretty about praying for you guys, you know. And yeah, as always guys, you know, you know. Thanks for joining. And um!

00:37:49.980 --> 00:38:00.139
Chris Feeney: It's been a good one Episode Sixty four. We're going to go ahead and sign off. Seb: Chris: Thanks again, and we'll talk to you guys soon All right. A weekend. Thank you very much. Take care, everybody.